Lucie Mrc

Hi, I am Lucie Marécaille

Designer. Educator. Party planner.




My name is Lucie Marécaille.

I am currently studying sound and image technologies, specialized in systems and networks dedicated to the performing arts, in the vocational degree SyRDES at Nantes University Institute of Technology. This degree is a work/study program and allows me to work as assistant in the digital workshop of L’ École de Design de Nantes Atlantique.

I graduated from L’ École de Design in 2021, with a Food Design Master's Degree, where I focused on food design and sustainable food innovation.
Before that, I studied creative coding, UI/UX design, basic front-end coding as well as graphic design for three years during my Interaction Design Bachelor's Degree.

I love to experiment with different techniques and to develop new skills, whether it's in my digital works or my kitchen.


Contact me at lucie.mrc(at) or download my resume in english or in french.

You can also check out my recreative work on instagram at @luciemrc, and the ressources I create on my github.