Lucie Mrc

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End of studies project

On my own | 2020/2021 | One year


Develop a project around food eco-innovation, built around four phases: the definition and problematization of the subject, choice of an axis of research, choice an axis of conceptualization, and final realization.


The subject I chose for my end of studies project is the valorization of organics fruits and vegetable waste through the process of lacto-fermentation.

My project address different issues: food waste, local food network, and probiotics consumption.

I decided to steer toward service design to be involved with every aspect of the project: user experience, graphic design, business model, etc.

I designed a local food network that can be implanted in any city or urban area, in partnership with La Poste, the french mail delivery system. The service, Bocaux Locaux, rely on a low impact website to inform and reassure the consumer.

Along with the restitution of my Master thesis, my project ended with a presentation in front of a jury of designers.

My main takeaway from this project is the importance of user and consumer research: it is through my meetings with vegetable producers and lacto-fermentation experts that I was able to develop my knowledge of the subject.


Project management
Field analysis
Methodology and research