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Malmö Flooding Installation

In a team of 4 | January 2020 | 3 weeks


Create a data physicalization installation aiming to inform and provoke about a subject of your choice. This project took place during my Erasmus in the University of Malmö, Sweden


My group decided to communicate how climate change would impact the city with regards to the rising sea level, which is expected to rise by up to 2 meters over the next 80 years.

Our installation was a wood laser-cut and 3D-printed model of Malmö harbour, on which we projected the sea level as its expected level depending on the year. A timeline slider allowed the user to navigate through future years to visualize flooding over different areas of the map. The installation also featured a sound dimension through water sounds that increased as the sea level rose.

"It is clear to me that this project was mainly possible thanks to your skills with mapping and programming."
David Cuartielles, Arduino co-founder and supervisor of the project

I took care of the slider using Arduino and an ultrasound sensor, as well as all the mapping. I used After Effects and different sources of data to create a video of the water rising between 2020 and 2100, and connected Arduino to Processing to allow the user to explore the video with the timeline slider.


Video Mapping
Arduino and Processing
Adobe After Effect